The Swiss parks

Beverin Regional Nature Park, Safien valley, Picture: Marcus Gyger © Swiss Tourism - FOEN

Swiss Parks of National Importance are characterised by their scenic beauty, rich biodiversity and valuable cultural heritage. The people within the park communities are committed not only to preserving this valuable resource, but also to improving and utilising it for the economic and social development of their region.

Postbus in Swiss Parks colours

Postbus in Swiss Parks colours. Photo: Matthias Nutt © Swiss Parks Network, PostBus, FOEN.

The Swiss Parks Network and PostBus Switzerland Ltd are launching their joint campaign “Visit Swiss Parks with PostBus”. As the proprietor of the “Swiss Parks” trademark, the Federal Office for the Environment supports this partnership.

Map: Travelling to the parks

Information map «The Swiss Parks - Closer than you think»

The Swiss parks are closer than you think. Most of the parks can be reached from the main Swiss urban centres in a relatively short time. Why not order the free information map or look for a park near you on our interactive map.