Park and product label

The Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN) awards the park label for a period of ten years to parks that fulfil all federal requirements. Products and services from these parks which meet particular requirements can be awarded with a product label by park authority.

Park label

If a park meets the requirements, it receives the protected label of ‘Park of National Importance’ from the federal authorities. The park label is valid for ten years, after which time the park operators must make a new application. This ensures that the park meets all the natural, landscape and cultural requirements, that the management works professionally, and that all democratic, financial and spatial aspects of the park are assured over the long term. Prospective parks can request a provisional candidate label whilst at the development stage.

Product label

Goods and services from the parks are eligible for the Swiss parks product label designation from the park authority. Ten parks already have over forty different ranges with hundreds of food products – and the range is growing. For example, the ‘Jurakette’ (‘Jura chain’) sausage is produced in the Thal Nature Park (SO). The Etivaz alpine cheese from the Gruyère Paysd’Enhaut Nature Park, the ‘Mostbröckli’ (smoked and air-dried beef, served in thin slices) from the Jurapark Aargau and the cereal risotto from the Gantrisch Nature Park also all carry the ‘Swiss Parks’ product label, which guarantees that the product is a high-quality regional speciality from a park. The label is only awarded if the products meet the requirements of a local brand and the services are essentially provided within the park area. In addition, they should be produced sustainably and help to strengthen the regional economy. The federal level certification process ensures that this is the case. Consumers of the local goods and services thus contribute to preserving and improving the local biodiversity and countryside, to promoting specific cultural values and vitalising the regional economy.