Products: Enjoyment for all

Nut tarts, apple cider, excursions and overnight stays: Swiss parks produce unique products and offer services of exceptional quality. Products and services can be found in the park itself, but are also available at retailers and at markets and fairs.

Swiss parks offer a year-round range of exquisite food products, high-quality consumer items, original handicrafts and exciting activities. It is worthwhile keeping an eye out for the label for products and services from the parks as this guarantees that the purchase of the product or service benefits the park. Even hotels and restaurants offer certified services for dining out. Fairs and special offers, and the ‘Genuss’ (Best of the Region) and ‘Genusswoche’ (‘enjoyment week’ in September), or special offers in the parks on ‘Parks Day’ (always on 24 June) are an ideal opportunity to discover the culinary and cultural variety in the parks.

Guided enjoyment

In the parks themselves, guided walks bring an informative element to the pleasure experience. In Jura Park Aargau, for example, wine walks take place on two weekends in the year. The Jura Vaudois Nature Park runs mushroom excursions led by a mycologist, and between June and September the Diemtigtal Nature Park invites visitors to ‘discovery days’ on five Alps, with overnight stays. In this way, visitors come into close contact with locals and learn about the production, manufacturing processes and origins of the products.

Markets, cottages and “Gourmet Roads”

Each year, the Gantrisch, Thal and Binntal Nature Parks organise a market where locals and visitors can purchase regional products from the local communes, such as cheese, sausage, dried meat, vegetables, tea and baked goods. The Argovia Jurapark has created a ‘Gourmet Road’, a circuit of 179 kilometres leading visitors to numerous producers and restaurants. The Gantrisch Nature Park has come up with an original idea, so-called ‘Gantrisch Hüsli’ (Gantrisch cottages) in numerous shops in the region, including in Bern, which sell local products such as Vreneli cheese, Drachenhörnli (‘dragon macaroni’), the legendary Christmas biscuits and painted Easter eggs. An overview of Gourmet Weeks, markets and park products can be found on the website of the Swiss Parks Network:

Swiss parks network: Products