Campaign objectives

Since 2008 Switzerland has created a number of Parks of National Importance in all language regions. Further parks are in the development stage. Awareness among the general public of these new parks and what they have to offer is still small. The information campaign aims to raise awareness of Swiss parks and motivate the public to visit one or more parks.

The Parks of National Importance are not only areas of beautiful countryside and huge natural and cultural value, they also offer a range of attractions for the local communities and for visitors.

The campaign aims to:

  • Raise public awareness of the Swiss Parks brand
  • Position the Parks of National Importance as institutions offering exciting outdoor, countryside, cultural and gastronomic experiences
  • Sensitise the public to Swiss parks as forward-looking projects which encourage innovation and cooperation and create identity and added value
  • Create a positive and authentic image for Swiss parks
  • Raise public awareness of the location of Parks of National Importance and of their special features: what makes them particularly attractive and how they can be visited.