Postbus in Swiss Parks colours goes on tour

The postbus will be in use for regular service and will serve as a shuttle at events in various regions of Switzerland until the end of October 2014. Photo: Matthias Nutt © Swiss Parks Network, PostBus, FOEN.

The exterior shows images of Swiss Parks, while inside the bus, passengers are surrounded by images of woods and meadows. A Postbus decked out in a Swiss Parks theme has begun its tour of Switzerland. The vehicle, representing the new partnership between the Swiss Parks Network, PostBus, and the Federal Office for the Environment, aims to promote travel by public transport to the 20 park regions.

PostBus is the public transport partner of Swiss Parks, which has been operating as a network since 2007. PostBus Switzerland Ltd and Swiss Parks Network highlighted this partnership today, Monday, 19 May 2014, at a public event held at the Bundesplatz, Berne. The Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN), as owner of the Swiss Parks brand, supports this partnership. The Swiss Parks Postbus is a roving ambassador: the outside is covered with photos of Swiss parks, while inside, passengers can smell the forest air, walk on a meadow-patterned floor, and can explore the info wall showing a map of all 20 Swiss parks.

The special vehicle will be used as a route bus in the different regions until 31 October and will serve as a shuttle at events encouraging people to take a trip to the natural parks. The special bus will be at the centenary celebrations of Swiss National Parks in the Zernez region (Graubünden) on 1 August and at the Locarno Film Festival (Ticino). Head of PostBus Daniel Landolf, Swiss Parks President Stefan Müller-Altermatt, and FOEN Deputy Director Franziska Schwarz unveiled the Swiss Parks Postbus together at the Bundesplatz in Berne.

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